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Product Testing Agreement

This Product Testing Agreement (“this Agreement”) applies to the relationship between you and Beutiq Sdh Bhd (“The Company”) during your trial usage of the product supplied to you by The Company (“the Product”).

Product Testing – User Obligations

The Company has supplied the Product to you on a confidential basis in order to test the functionality and overall experience of the Product under everyday conditions and to obtain feedback on the product design. The Company has designated a period of time during which you are allowed to use the Product (“the Testing Period”). During the Testing Period, you are permitted to use the Product. You are responsible for limiting your use of the Product to purposes for which the Product was designed.

The Company hereby reserves the right to terminate your participation at its discretion if it determines that your use of the Product has been improper and if you fail to submit the review within (1) ONE MONTH for Skincare Products and (1) ONE WEEK for makeup products. At the end of the Testing Period, you are not required to return the item. The Company requires a written review and an original photo of the item received submitted to a link/email address that will be provided as well as to one or more social media platform i.e Facebook, Instagram, etc.

You agree that you are not employed by a competitor in the beauty and health industries and do not otherwise have a conflict of interest with the Company, and will not use the information about the Product testing or the Product itself for any purpose other than performing this product testing for the Company.

The Company provides the Product to you on an “as is” basis and shall have no liability or obligation of any kind to you. You are NOT ALLOWED to resell the item. The Company reserves the right to ban further product testing if you fail to comply with the terms above. The Company is not liable for any allergic reaction/existing skin condition that may occur from the use of the products.

Use of Your Comments

During and after the Testing Period, The Company will ask you to provide feedback/reviews on the Product’s performance within a specified timeframe. (1) ONE MONTH for Skincare Products and (1) ONE WEEK for makeup products. You hereby agree to provide the appropriate feedback/review within the allocated timeframe. Your feedback will be in the form of a written review and you must include original photos. You hereby grant to The Company your permission to use your feedback/review for the purposes of subsequent product development and product promotion. By providing feedback/review, you represent to The Company that such feedback/review reflects your good-faith opinion of the Product.

Your Confidentiality Obligations

You alone are authorized to participate in trial use of the Product for testing purposes. During the Testing Period, you may not loan the Product to any other person. You must additionally refrain from disclosing to any other personal information disclosed to you by The Company for the purposes of testing the Product (“Product Testing Information”).

No Compensation for Participation

The Company is not obligated to provide any compensation in connection with your trial use of the Product in this test.

Failure to comply with any of the above may result in a ban in any future product testing programme that is conducted by the company.