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BBIA - Last Lipstick  03 Alluring
BBIA - Last Lipstick  03 Alluring
BBIA - Last Lipstick  03 Alluring

BBIA - Last Lipstick 03 Alluring



Bbia’s Last Lipstick is a richly pigmented lipstick with a sensually creamy finish that evokes screen siren glamour with every application. Each shade is presented like a jewel in a beautiful, collectible matte case. Get entrancing color that satisfies with supreme hydration and opulent matte opacity. Flaunt this richly pigmented formulation, cloaking lips in a lightweight veil of rich color. It’s infused with optical diffusers that blur the appearance of imperfections, combined with a blend of polymers to provide flexibility and adherence. An advanced formulation that ensures a creamy soft texture for the smoothest film of color. Each shade is enmeshed in a powder film combined with saturated pigment for lightweight opaque coverage. This lipstick lays down a high impact with a strong finish.

Weight: 3.5g


Bbia Last Lipstick 01 Provocative

Bbia Last Lipstick 02 Positive

Bbia Last Lipstick 03 Alluring

Bbia Last Lipstick 04 Classy

Bbia Last Lipstick 05 Powerful

Bbia Last Lipstick 06 Sensitive

Bbia Last Lipstick 07 Dreamy

Bbia Last Lipstick 08 Active

Bbia Last Lipstick 09 Bewitch

Bbia Last Lipstick 10 Unique

Bbia Last Lipstick 11 Sensual

Bbia Last Lipstick 12 Fantasy

Bbia Last Lipstick 13 Artistic

Bbia Last Lipstick 14 Decadence

Bbia Last Lipstick 15 Successful

Bbia Last Lipstick 16 Sentimental

Bbia Last Lipstick 17 Sociable

Bbia Last Lipstick 18 Antique

Bbia Last Lipstick 19 Romantic

Bbia Last Lipstick 20 Instinctive


1. Outline your lips starting with the corner of the top lip. For a fuller lip look, draw over the edge of your natural lip line. 

2. Fill in your lips.

It’s Perfect For You Because:

- It lasts all day long with just one application and visually maximizes the softness and sensuality of the lip.

- You get the optimum color with a single application.

- It offers optimum finish with no fading, cracking or wrinkling.


    BBIA - Last Lipstick  03 Alluring

    BBIA - Last Lipstick 03 Alluring