Clematis - Morning Dew Cc Cream (Spf50+Pa+++)
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[Triple function : UV protection, whitening, wrinkle-free]
•CC cream + makeup base + highlighter
•Bright skin
•Natural skin tone
•Light and moist feel, quick absorption

The formula of light texture with high moisture controls skin texture by moisturizing and creates an even, bright skin tone.
(SPF50+, PA+++)

- Skin Moisturizing From Polymer Matrix
Cross-linked polymer forms a Water / Polymer Matrix
just like water drops spreading smoothly on the skin.
Water liquid emulsion system quickly absorbs into
the skin without stickiness to maintain moist skin.
- SPF50+ PA+++ powerful UV protection

Recommend for
•Light texture with moist
•Correction of skin texture and tone
•Natural and smooth look
•No darkening