Isa Knox - MX-II Platinum Recovery Special Gift Set
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SKU: 32750IKX013648-N_A-ONESIZE

Isa Knox MX-II Platinum Recovery Skin/ Toner (100ml)
It is a high function essential skin softener to take health of damaged skin due to aging and to help recover weary skin and add anti-aging function, through Omega 6 and EGF.

Isa Knox MX-II Platinum Recovery Emulsion (100ml) 

A high concentration of beneficial ingredients to supply abundant nutrition to the skin.                  

• 8 kinds of Essential Amino Acids Complex Prodew400
• Antioxidants Vitamin-ProVitamin 5
• Abundant Mineral Pine Tree Sprout Extract
• Ultra Moisturizing Skin Amino Acids Sericin
• Wrinkle Functional Cosmetics : Moisturizing Anti-Wrinkle Set
• Soft Texture : High Moist & High Nutrition Set
• It makes the rough skin moisturized and balanced skin.