Isa Knox - X2D2 Original Recovery Emulsion
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For Dry or Trouble Skin Isa Knox X2D2 Original Recovery Emulsion carries highly enriched nutrients which are effective in treating dull and dry skin. The natural ingredients acts as an active component to bring back the lost elasticity to the skin texture and provide all the nourishment to improve the skin health. With an amazing capability to get easily absorbed deep in the skin, this cream can provide needed moisture and nourishment to the skin.

X2D2 contains JUVINITY™ that is developed based on medium of Cambium Stem cell - isolated from plant cambium - and Skin Aging Code. It is differentiated anti-aging line that recovers health and beauty of your skin. Original Recovery that contains ingredients of Cambium Stem Cell medium nourishes the damaged skin due to aging and recovers its health. BIOPLASMA ingredient found in plants survived in the harsh natural environment prevents damage of skin barrier and manages daily stress of the skin.

How to Use
After washing your face, pick up the appropriate amount and spread it on your face like sponging out softly outward following the skin texture. For better moisturizing feeling, pick up the appropriate amount on your palm and press it on the face slowly for the deep absorption into your skin. Steps Skin (Toner) -> Serum- > Emulsion -> Cream -> Eye Cream

Size: 130ml