SkinMiso - Handy Cleansing Kit
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Take deep cleansing on the go with
the Handy Cleansing Kit !
Made with 16 different all natural ingredients to deeply cleanse without the use of water or artificial chemicals, the Handy Cleansing Kit is perfect for any occasions, or simply for the lazy days when taking off your makeup is a hassle !

The Handy Cleansing Kit is designed with all-natural ingredients for maximum hydration and rejuvenation. With 2 different types of pads and eye remover sticks, the Handy Cleansing Kit has everything you need to completely remove makeup with a simple swipe! When you’re on the go, make traveling easier with the Handy Cleansing Kit and let your skin thank you even when you’re on the road !

How To Use
1) Wipe the entire face area with the square pad.
2) Remove eye make-up with the eye remover sticks.
3) Cleanse any remaining residues with the circle pad.

How to use the eye remover stick?
Grab the thick part of the eye remover stick and pull as you twist. Wait until the liquid is completely absorbed into the cotton swab. Use the stick after closing the thick point.