SkinMiso - I'm A.Helper Toner
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De-stress your skin naturally with the I’m A. Helper – Toner !
Designed with Kalopanax septemlobus extract, the I’m A.Helper Toner calms and soothes acne and irritated skin while restoring optimal pH balance to treat, prevent, and protect the skin from irritants.


Treat & prevent at the root of acne with the I’m A. Helper – Toner !
The I’m A. Helper – Toner is designed with Kalopanax septemlobus extract for an all-natural formula that treats & prevents acne at the root ! Known for its effects in treating skin troubles, the Kalopanax septemlobus extract, combined with other natural ingredients create the optimal pH balance for the skin as it sanitizes harmful bacteria while treating skin troubles to leave the skin stress free and healthier than ever ! De-stress your skin and radiate with healthy, clear skin today !

How To Use
After cleansing, soak a cotton pad with the I’m A. Helper – Toner and gently wipe the skin. Apply an even layer and allow full absorption. For optimum results, use together with the A.Helper Essence and Spot Treatment.

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